Moto's Jazz Club


  • Daisuke Moto: Japanese, mid-20s, very well-dressed and spoken. Known to speaks 8 languages. Is constantly seen around the club and to be visited by him at your table is a big deal in society. He does not, however, shirk responsibility. He’s been known to get down and dirty in the kitchen when needed, mix a cocktail, work the hat/coat check area, mend costumes, as well as sit in with the band.


  • Cap Uzumaki: Band leader. Older Japanese gentleman. Always smiling. Wears a Captain’s hat at all times.


  • Sakura “Saki” (only to Moto, Einar, and close friends) Haruno: Hostess. Very pretty and fashionable. Always wears the most in-style American clothing. Speaks 14 languages. Tends to greet guests in native language. Moto depends on her to let him know if any potential problem customers enter the club.


  • Mickey Uchiha: Lead bartender. Very much wants to be considered an American. Very influenced by film toughs. Speaks English only. Greased back hair, very hep, and has a short-fuse.


  • Akahana “Big Mama” Fukumatsu: Director and Den Mother of Moto’s Global Girls Revue. She’s very large and takes nothing from no one. Absolutely adores each and every one of her girls but does not hesitate to put the smack down if they get out of line. Has an attitude – think Della Reese in Harlem Nights – but is truly a big softie.


  • Moto’s Global Girls Revue: The dance troupe at Moto’s, made up of beautiful women from around the world.
  • Jiro Ono: Head chef at Moto’s. Very old yet very spry. Employs a well-rounded crew who can cook practically any cuisine. Wears a very tall chef’s hat. Only speaks Japanese. Extremely fond of smoking, and it’s a constant struggle for Moto to keep him from smoking in the kitchen.


  • Ken and Jen Takakura: Twin bouncers at Moto’s. One is always upfront while the other is always in the back with the gambling. Physically imposing, smiling, and deferential to clientele unless someone acts out. People rarely act out more than once as the Takakura brothers are quite good at violence.


  • Billie Yasumi: Main singer at Moto’s. She’s half-black, half-asian. Very exotic looking and beautiful. Always sits with Einar when not singing.


Moto's Jazz Club

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