Widelene Zam



Born in Haiti to a single mother who passed away under odd circumstances when Zam was nine. She was a homeless street girl in Port-au-Prince during the American occupation up until her fifteenth birthday. On that day she found herself down by the docks in middle of a rebel attack and American Marines. She was terrified. A gut shot Marine handed her his side arm and said, “Kill them. Kill them all.” with his dying breath. And she did. And as she fired round after round, the roar of the ocean filled her ears.

Then Aunt Shanti, someone she’d never heard of before, swept in from NYC and claimed her. Since then, Zam has worked for her company, Gris-Gris Imports. But lately somethings haven’t seemed exactly right. It’s nothing she can put her finger on though. Am oversees the dock workers and supervises the people that Auntie Shanti believes is beneath her.

She lives in a small apartment provided by her auntie. She does not drive and couldn’t afford a car or to keep one if she did.

She does, however have a few weapons in the house. The Thompson submachine gun named Abyssinia (I’ll be seeing ya), a Winchester .12 shotgun named Flow, and the pistol, a Colt .45 she calls Johns, named for the Marine that gave it to her.

Occasionally Zam wears dresses, but with her job, she is more often found in mens’ clothing. It’s not uncommon to see her in a white and black striped zoot suite for a night out or dressed like one of the dock workers during the day.



Widelene Zam

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